Article name

From the Google material design documentation

Always in the beginning of your article, you have to mention the section in the material design spec which talks about the component, pattern or animation that you talking about.

How to add/implement ?

I. Try to write small steps, if possible, always accompanied by a copy-paste ready block of code.

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

II. All sentences should be end with a dot [.]

III. Use the three ` symbol with the name of the language in order to highlight a block code.

// block of code


This is a small note, informing that this step could be realized in a different way, or just an important note regarding the last step

Compatibility issues

Some components, animations, patterns have different behaviors in different API version. It would be nice to write a small paragraph about it. If show images about the differences better.

How to Style ?

If components can be customized describe how to do this.